Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Wow - a new blog entry. It's been almost 2 months since I've blogged. Am I lazy? Do I have nothing to say? Am I busy? Yes, yes and yes. But now, as I sit here thinking about the end of 2008 and entering 2009, I've become contemplative. I think about all that happened in 2008 - mostly good things: 2 family weddings, lots of vacations and good times at the pool and parties with great friends, my 10th wedding anniversary, my daughter's 5th and son's 8th birthdays, the 2nd annual "moms gone wild" weekend, getting a new dog, and a reunion with my sister that I've missed for 6 years. And, on a different level of significance, I've discovered facebook, which has reconnected me with family and friends I might not otherwise have talked to nearly as much (but I already wrote about that in another blog post.)

So now I think about what 2009 can bring. So many more possibilities. A few weeks ago, I spent a weekend doing The Landmark Forum, which has really changed my outlook on life. I mentioned to someone else in the Forum at the time that I used to think I was an optimist before (another prior blog post!), but now, I define optimism differently. I have come to realize, through the hard work of the Landmark Forum, that I can decide my future, and not have it decided for me. I control my life - not what happens in life, because none of us can control what happens. But I make the decision how I react to what happens around me. And that is really powerful. Making those decisions based on what you want your life to be is an incredible feeling of empowerment. I create my own life through what I want to be possibile.

So for 2009, I urge everyone else to make their own possibilities. Happy New Year!!