Monday, July 5, 2010

Creating Memories

We've had our cabin - known as "Pinewood" for a little under a year.  We saw it on Father's Day weekend last year, and signed the papers on July 22.  We had been discussing buying a vacation home for years, but more seriously for the immediate 3-4 months prior.  Mostly because the Washington rat race had (and still does to some extent, but not nearly has much) gotten to my husband and he would not have lasted there too much longer.  I, on the other hand, could see myself growing old with him and our children in our house in the 'burbs.  So...a weekend house seemed like good compromise.

I don't think either of us realized at the time the memories we would create here.  Sure, we theorized about it:  "the kids will love the outdoors... rafting/canoeing/kayaking on the river.... we'll go fishing... sit around the fire and make s'mores.... have good times with friends here" but until things actually happen, you don't think in concrete terms.

One thing we theorize about, hope for, dream about is that our kids will be close friends when they get older.  I fully don't expect them to be hanging out together in high school (that's probably too much to ask!), but because of the family time we spend here where they are often their each others only playmate, I can see a bond developing between them that can only strengthen later on.

At the river yesterday, they at first were playing separately (Katie of course found a group of kids and went to hang with them; Ryan was playing alone in the river and with us).  Later on, they started playing with each other.  And they were laughing and enjoying each other's company like I rarely see.  Typically they are arguing over something...anything...everything.... and I have to decree "no talking" for 5 minutes just to end it.  But yesterday they were playing for a good 45 minutes, laughing, thinking of things to do together on the rafts, swimming, and just having fun.  Those are the moments I cherish - carefree fun.  No arguing.  Laughing.  Enjoying each other.  And that is what I think will last throughout the sullen teenage high school years.

I truly don't see this at home - we are all so involved in our routines at home: work, school, homework, laundry, what's for dinner, more work.  We don't get much carefree time there.  But here at Pinewood, that's all there is.  Sure they argue.  It is not sibling bliss 24/7 as much as I'd like it to be.  But it's far less sibling rivalry than at home.

Well... a year later, we've created a lot of memories.  Specific things may not be remembered, but the general feeling of being a family, doing things together and unplugging, relaxing will be long lasting.

The most exciting thing is that it's only been a year - what more can the future hold???  I can't wait to find out.