Thursday, September 25, 2008

I have writer's block. Three blogs under my belt, and now I'm at a loss. I guess all I had on my mind that was dying to get out was how I had a self-revelation in Florida, how addicted I am to facebook, and that I'm a proud Jersey Girl. Nice. I always thought I was deeper than that.

I think I'm just too tired to think straight. I've been up too late this week writing those posts, watching TV, and chatting on Facebook. I've got a busy weekend ahead with Mark's elbow surgery, my son's 8th birthday party, his baseball game, my daughter's Irish Dance class, a friend's surprise birthday party, and a new dog that my daughter won't even be in the same zip code with.

So I'll turn off the computer early tonight, maybe watch the season premire of my favorite TV show Criminal Minds (Shermar Moore can profile me any day!) and then get some sleep.

Stay tuned; I'm sure after this weekend, I'll have lots to say...

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